Our lean team exists to serve our communities and create social change.

Steve Carey

Government Director

Ko Te Mata te Maunga 

Ko Mōhaka te Awa
Ko Ngāti Pākeha tōkū iwi
Ko Carey tōkū whānau
No Ahuriri ahau  

Dedicated to supporting businesses, whānau and individuals realise and live to their full potential.   

As an experienced impact and system strategist, I see the value in working across the wider social, economic and environmental elements to support positive outcomes for our people, whānau and communities.  Having the ability to draw on my experiences in private business, community organisations and crown agencies, I am able to empathise with our communities about shifting the focus from working in silos towards working on the system. My background in psychology ensures that I continue to seek clarity through curiosity about what is truly important to our communities. I, along with the team, believe in putting our people, whānau and communities first to support the development of positive and enduring change.   

Danielle Janes

Strategic Impact Director

Ko Ruapehu te Maunga
Ko Whanganui te Awa
Ko Ngati Pākeha tōkū iwi
Ko Janes tōkū whānau
No Whanganui ahau


A super passionate researcher, designer and life long learner.

I am an experienced human-centred strategist, designer and change agent with a wealth of experience working as a consultant across multiple agencies as well as working in-house within large organisations. I have a strong passion for emphasising with and understanding people, their needs, what drives them, and how this then plays out in their everyday experiences. By putting people and their needs at the heart of everything I do I am able to deliver valuable and actionable insights, strategies and outcomes that create meaningful, positive and lasting change.

Having recently relocated back down to my hometown Whanganui, the perfect opportunity presented itself being able to finally merge my professional expertise with my passion for people and the broader Whanganui rohe by joining the Impact Collective team – this is a journey I am incredibly excited to embark on.

Neesha Bremner

SYSTEMS Strategist

Ko Taranaki tōku maunga
Ko Whakapapa tōku awa
Ko Mayflower tōku waka
Nō Tāmaki Makaurau ahau
Ko Bremner tōku whānau
Ko Neesha tōku ingoa

Evidence driven and solutions focused journalist, researcher, engagement and communications specialist.

As an experienced communications and research practitioner working across media, government and non-government agencies and businesses in Aotearoa and overseas I am dedicated to embedding an evidence-based approach to everything I do.

With over 15 years working in journalism, I meet people where they are to ensure the lived experience and story is captured and understood. From this framework bespoke solutions that are community sourced are just a conversation away.

I apply this methodology to all of my work be it communications or community wellbeing, strategy or policy, engagement, project management or research.

I am chuffed to be joining the Impact Collective which amalgamates lived experience alongside the most up to date data available to capture the state of wellbeing and equity across the wider Whanganui rohe.

Rhonda Morris

Business Support Lead

Ko Ruapehu te Maunga
Ko Whanganui te Awa
Ko Ngati Tumatauenga toku iwi
Ko Morris toku whanau
No Whanganui ahau


With a strong background in government policy, public engagement and strategy I have had the chance to see how critical it is to have people led change.

I am excited to be a part of the Impact Collective Team and continue to build on the people, whanau and community lead for positive change. 

Caleb Kingi

Creative Director

Ko Ruahine te Pai Maunga

Ko Rangitīkei te Awa
Ko Tākitimu Te Waka
Ko Ngāti Hauti te Iwi
No Whanganui ahau

I’m a cinematographer based in Whanganui. My craft has allowed me to travel over Aotearoa and the world shooting for a range of govt organisations, SME’s, NGO’s, brands and individuals.

I have a passion for telling stories that bring positive change to people, communities and organisations. I love the place I call home, it’s my place of belonging and I feel privileged being connected to the whenua and the people.

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