Our Kaupapa

Bringing together data with the stories of our people to co-design pathways that create positive and enduring impact within our rohe. 

Creating Wellbeing for all

Through breaking down traditional organisational and territorial boundaries and focusing on our rohe holistically, the Impact Collective strives to enrich foundational data with people’s lived experiences in order to support the co-design of pathways and initiatives within our rohe that will create positive and enduring impact for all. 

We seek to shift from viewing our rohe solely in terms of health, wealth, access, or vulnerability, to viewing it in terms of the whole person and their whānau – a mana enhancing approach.

Our Kaupapa 

A Collective Response

In response to the goals and aspirations of our rohe, the Impact Collective will seek not only the data, but also the real-life stories and lived experiences that sit behind it. The data is just our starting point – the stories will provide us with a wealth of insight and the ‘why’.  

Together, these provide the foundation for us to craft truly collective insights representative of what matters most to our rohe. 

A Dual-phased Approach

In Phase 1, we will present our collective insights as ‘Rohe Equity and Wellbeing Profiles’. These will represent the collective strengths and opportunities of our rohe across the economic, environmental and social landscapes.

In Phase 2, we aim to introduce a maturity-based system where we will support the transition from collective insights to taking action and co-designing initiatives with communities and organisations within our rohe.

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