Our Manutaki

Designed by Ngāhina Gardiner

This design is based around the manutaki the lead bird that guides the flock in a triangle formation during migration, the manutaki is supported and protected by rest of the flock. This represents working together in unison for a common purpose.

Above the manu is the design known as manaia which can be used as a human form side profile of a face this represents unity of two people coming together, this forms koruru/wheku a face, this represents being transparent.

The design above the manaia/koruru is a design known as paakura it symbolises the rae of spiritual essence or spiritual belief it also represents the footprint of pukeko and is about being cautious knowing your surroundings, your environment before making decisions.


On the side of the bird’s wings are two more manaia in a bird form this relates to interconnectedness our relationship with each other.

Next to this is a design known as whakarare this represents change and a new direction.

The harakeke/weave is about intergenerational relationships, it also symbolises binding of the korero or kaupapa.

At the bottom of the wing is a design known as pikopiko/koru this represents new beginnings and also represents nga tangata people/community.


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