how we work

Our process ensures that we are working together with communities and organisations every step of the way.

Seek the data

Collating and analysing the data insights through the lens of our frameworks. 

Our industry-leading dashboard pulls data from over 100 sources to measure how Iwi and Communities within our rohe are tracking against our equity and wellbeing framework – these include over 150 individual indicators which we are able to measure against.

This provides us with a tool to begin to explore data insights with members of our rohe to identify areas we need to understand in much more detail through lived experience narratives.

Key Tasks

Present ‘data insights’ to our rohe, encouraging collective discussion, collating and cleansing data, capturing areas of interest.

through stories

Engaging with communities and organisations within our rohe to ensure the insights are understood through a lived experience lens. 

We have the data, and now we will work towards understanding the ‘why’. This step ensures we have the ability to engage with our rohe and gather the real-life stories that sit behind what the data is telling us.

This ensures our insights remain true and representative of our rohe and that we are not making assumptions.

Key Tasks

Workshops, focus groups, 1:1 interviews, podcasts and videos with communities and organisations.

Identify insights and priorities

Bringing together the stats and stories to determine what matters the most to our rohe. 

Here we begin to generate and present the collective data and people insights as ‘Rohe Equity and Wellbeing Profiles’. These will represent the collective strengths and opportunities of our rohe across the economic, environmental and social landscapes.

Key Tasks

Analysis and synthesis of the data and stories, analysis of the systemic relationships across our insights, report creation, presentations to our rohe.

Support pathways

Supporting communities and organisations within our rohe to collectively co-design initiatives that will have a positive and enduring impact.

This step marks the transition from generating the collective insights to taking action.

Here we aim to support rohe groups to co-design pathways and initiatives aimed at addressing the collective equity and wellbeing strengths or opportunities of our rohe.

Key Tasks

Co-design workshop facilitation, supporting pathway and initiative validation and refinement.

Evaluate impact

Evaluating impact by comparing the stats and stories from where we were, to where we are now. 

It is important to measure the social, environmental and economic impacts of the pathways and initiatives developed and implemented. This will enable adjustments to programmes if required.

Here we seek to understand any broader impacts these pathways and initiatives may have had on our rohe.

Key Tasks

Gathering fresh data from our dashboard, gathering fresh stories via workshops, focus groups, 1:1 interviews, podcasts and videos with communities and organisations, measuring change in the stats and the stories. 

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