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Podcast with Jen McDonald – The Whanganui Learning Centre

Last Friday Steve had a yarn to Jen McDonald, Manager at the Whanganui Learning Centre about the awesome mahi her team is doing to empower our rohe with all things education. It was fascinating to hear how interlaced education is with every single aspect of equity and wellbeing and how integral quality and accessible education is to achieve better equity and wellbeing outcomes across our rohe.


Our good mahi story of the week features the Robert Bartley Foundation Waka Hauora Mobile Health Bus and its mission to bring proactive health prevention services to the community in hope of reducing negative health outcomes for those that these preventative health services are less accessible to.  It was so inspiring to hear how Robert’s dream has been brought to life in such a meaningful and impactful way.

We are thrilled to finally have our podcast series underway. This week Caleb had a yarn to Jay Rerekura, Impact Coach at Thrive and Storyteller at Tukua Storytelling Studio to share his insight on Te Whare Tapa Whā and the Whānau Ora Goals. We were sure to honour the Kina Karver with treasure from the moana.

Our good mahi story of the week features Karrie Brown telling the powerful stories that sit behind the inspiring efforts of her small team of staff and volunteers at City Mission Whanganui.

This story features Gloria Campbell, Regional Commissioner for Social Development for Taranaki, King Country and Whanganui, discussing some of the ways MSD supports the local kaupapa seeking to address ending poverty in our rohe.

Being the first of its kind in New Zealand, Justin Lester from DOT speaks about how this data can give us insight into how well our rohe is performing against all aspects of our Rohe Equity and Wellbeing Framework. Using this data, alongside the community and iwi voice, gives us immense insight into opportunities to best support our rohe. We’re really excited to use this to change the lives of people across our rohe in a positive way.

Producing 3500 lunches for schools every week, Kiritahi Firmin from Ka Ora Ka Ako, discusses her passion to see the kids of our community well fed so they can learn at their best. She is a massive hero within our community supporting our rangitahi, kaiako and whānau. We hope you enjoy her story.

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