Good mahi story with Karrie Brown, Manager of City Mission Whanganui

Oct 30, 2021 | Good Mahi Stories

Our good mahi story of the week features Karrie Brown telling the powerful stories that sit behind the inspiring efforts of her small team of staff and volunteers at City Mission Whanganui.

Providing essential food parcels to almost 3000 families per year, the teams efforts create impact that extends far beyond contributing to zero hunger, but also empowering and supporting families to pay off their debt, take important steps toward employment, learn essential life and budgeting skills and reduce family harm and violence. This is such a great example of where something as simple as removing the underlying stress and guilt of not being able to feed their families can have huge benefits on the broader wellbeing and lives of those in need across our rohe.

We are so humbled to be able to tell this story.

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