Our Journey

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A Collective Response

In response to the communities goals and aspirations, the Impact Collective will set about collating the ‘Stats and the Stories’ from the community and present these in ‘Community Equity and Wellbeing Profiles’ (Phase 1). These will look at the strengths and concerns for our communities across the economic, environmental and social landscapes.

In Phase 2, through the findings of phase 1 and a maturity-based system, we will co-design services and supplies with our communities to enable them to live in Thriving Communities.

Key Drivers

Throughout the engagement with our community in the post-level 4 lockdown environment, they shared that it is important that as community leaders we:

  • Need to work in an integrated manner for the betterment of our communities
  • Develop services through co-design – “stop doing to us and work with us”
  • Listen first, then take action.
  • Focus on social, environmental and economic services
  • Link with the 17SDGs, Living Standards Framework and Whānau Ora Framework.
  • The Health and Disability System Reviews Tier One Commissioning

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